An ancient form of martial arts, Tai Chi has gained great recognition and popularity in the West -- so much so, that the exercise dimension of Tai Chi practice has overshadowed the deeper martial arts heritage and meditative and health underpinnings that make Tai Chi such a potent ally for body and mind.  

The result is that today you can find many facilities and instructors who teach Tai Chi movements and routines, but very few who have the deep martial arts background and contemplative spiritual experience that are core to the power of the practice.  

Shorin Kung Fu is different.  Here Tai Chi is taught not just as an exercise, but as the supreme martial art it is -- a subtle fighting style so balanced and powerful that it was known as the "ultimate hammer" or "boundless fist" by the ancient masters. Here you are instructed not by a Tai Chi trainer, but by an instructor personally trained by Grandmaster Brigham, a 10th degree black belt Grandmaster whose 50+ years of training include residence and study in some of Asia's greatest temples and centers of learning. 

At Shorin Kung Fu, Tai Chi is taught in a manner that integrates the meditative and spiritual dimension of the practice with its healing and strengthening health aspects and its powerful self-defense origins.  No two instructions are ever the same, as Grandmaster Brigham integrates stretching and strengthening routines with balance practice, meditation, hand-to-hand combat and weapons practice -- the full spectrum of "boundless fist" practices handed down from master to master over hundreds of years.

To experience the power of tai chi learned in an authentic dojo and instructed by an authentic master of tai chi, visit Shorin Kung Fu.


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